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Aloevera Shampoo

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Numerous brands of shampoo exist with aloe vera listed in the ingredients, but you’ll have to be choosy to find something that gives you the true benefits of the plant. I recommend making your own, so you can be sure it contains only pure, natural, soothing ingredients. If this doesn’t appeal to you, check your local health food store or well-stocked drug store for a natural brand you can live with. Make sure it contains only natural ingredients. Aloe vera should be first on the ingredients list and the product should contain minimal fillers and chemicals. Jason natural cosmetics makes aloe vera shampoos that contain 84 percent pure aloe vera. Look for something similar.

You can also order suitable products online, or if all else fails, use pure aloe vera gel to wash your hair. It works well, but it won’t behave like your normal shampoo. It cleanses gently without producing suds. Make sure to work it in thoroughly before rinsing for the best results.



Aloe vera also makes a fantastic conditioner for all hair types. It keeps normal hair healthy and repairs dry, damaged hair. It works so well for this purpose because it has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft. The primary protein in the hair, Keratin, is made of amino acids, carbon, oxygen and trace amounts of other elements. Aloe’s chemical make-up is similar and it rejuvenates the hair by treating it with its own nutrients. This improves elasticity and prevents breaking.


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