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Hair Fresh Oil

380.00 150.00


Ingredients :

Ummathila, Kayyoni, Neelayamari, Karuka pulala, Nellikka, Kadukka, Cow’s Milk.

Usage :

Apply 5 to 10 Ml oil Over the Scalp area and Gently Massage for 5 Mins.




Controls :

Dandruff, Hair Fall, Pre-Mature Greying, Dry Scalp Skin, Reduce Body Heat, Reduce Head Ache.

Promotes :

Hair Growth and Hair Vitalizer, Shiny Long & Strong Hair.

Ummathila (Datura metel):

It prevents the Hair fall, by strengthening the Hair routs. It Contracts the ciliary muscle surrounding the Hair Follicels, So that it increase the Hair grip, it also increase Hair Cortex pigmentation. By which it prevents pre-mature greying (White Hair).

Kayyoni (Eclipata Alba):

It helps in preventing the hair breaks, it supports the Hair for Self nature & Conditioning. It keeps our scalp & Body Skin Cool & Viable.

Neelayamari (Indigofera tinctoria):

It prevents the pre mature Greying of the hair, it makes the scalp and the body skin healthy & vital and also added the following ingredients given below.

Karuka pulala
Cow’s Milk – 50 ml added in each 100 ml packing.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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